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imam@ W. SPERLiNG SUGAR REGEPTACLE Filed Feb. 24. 1923 Patented Oct. 7, 1924. WILLIAM SPERLING, or NEW YoR-K'N.5Y.,`Ass1oNoR To :sosia SILVER COMPANY, or NEW YORK, N. YWA FIRM coNsIsTING or Rossmann@ AND WILLIAM srnaLrNe. SUGAR RECEPTACLE. Application filed February 24, 1923. Serial No. 623,865. To a7! 1lb/:mn if may concern lle it known that l, VILLIAM SPERMNG, citizen of thc United States of America, residing at New York city7 in the county of Bronx and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Sugar Receptacles, of which the following is a specification. IMy invention relates generally to improve- 10 ments in sugar receptacles for table use7 and has specific reference to the construction of an article of this character which is provided with an integral spoon rack adapted to supiport a service of tea spoons about the perip ery of the bowl. A y Generally a sugar-service of'this descrip- .,tion is provided with a pair of separate cast :spoon racks which are soldered to a section of the receptacle and from which the spoons themselyes are suspended. The step in manufacturing this article which consists in soldering the castings in position is oonsidcred a ratherl delicate operation and the results obtained are not always satisfactory, principally where the solder does not run well and more especially Where the heat from the soldering torch causes 'a distortion in the casting. Furthermore, the use of such castings makes the cost of manufacture relatively high, the castings themselves being rather expensive and the labor and time required to solder them to the shell of the receptacle bengconsiderable. Neatness in this type ot' metal work is very essential and cumbersome soldered joints and projecting parts tend to mar its general appearance. With the foregoing in mind, the principal object of the invention is to eliminate the rack castings altogether and to substitute therefor an integral spun ilange which projects marginally about the periphery of the receptacle and which is. provided with radially disposed slots to receive and support the spoons in the usual manner. I accomplish this object by providing the metal blank, from which the upper section of' the receptacle is spun, with a band of marginally projecting' stock in which radial slots are l.stamped at the time the blank is cut from the metal. The cut blank is thereafter spun into the desired shape and the marginal band then becomes a flange projecting laterally thereof and may be utilized for the spoon rack. as hereinafter described. Y i further obiect'` of the invention is to vThis marginal portion becomes the spoon provide an article'of this character, which will be strong and durable in construction, and which will afford the desired neatness in appearance and at a greatly reduced manufacturing cost over the type employing the separat-e spoon rackcastings. The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which, Figure l 'is a side elevational view of my iniprovedsugar receptacle, showing the integrally spun spoon rack,.and also With parts illustrated in section to disclose the general construction; Figure 2 is an enlarged detail sectional View of the upper sections of the receptacle; and Figure 3 is a' plan View of the receptacle showing the arrangement of the s on raclr. Referring to the drawings, lG lenotes the foot section comprising a spun annular shell having a reduced upper portion to receive and support the bowl proper of the receptacle. The bowl consists of three sections. the lower or body portion of which is heniispherical or cup shaped as indicated by 1l, and is soldered or otherwise attached to tlic,1educcd'end ofthe pedestal l0. The open 81T- upper end of the part l1 is provided with an outwardly projecting annular flange l2 against which is soldered the lower edge of the `neck i3, the latter being provided with oppositcly disposed handle members lil. The third section or collar indicated at l5, constitutes the bezel support for the cover 16, and comprises an annular member having a curved midportion J1 7 terminating at the upper elevation in an upright flange 18 for centering the cover 16, and the lower edge thereof being disposed outwardly by spinning the marginal portion of the metal at right angles to the general axis of bezel. rack 'i9 and is provided with, radially disposed slots or openingsvQO in which the spoons may be suspended, The bezel 15 is. attached to the upper-edge ofthe collar 13 by placing the under surface of the flange or rack 19 againsttlie edge of the collar 13 and allowing solder to run between the two members in the usual manner. In the embodiment of the invention shown in the drawing the {langeraclr i9 is divided into quadrants, i. e. tivo opposite portions of the flange are of greater Width than the alternate'portions thereof and are the portions in which the lspoon slots L50 are disposed, While the narrower portions are arranged so ae to coincide with the positions of thek handles le as' clearly illustrated in Figure 3. The rigidity of the rack 19 is further increased by the provision oi curved ribs 21 stamped up about the walls of the slots; 20. .Subsequent to tbe receptacle being assembledfand the parts and sections being soldered or ether wise attached together the yarticle is subjected to a plating process Awhich gives 1t luster and nlsh and completes the artiole. Having described my invention what I elaim`if: A receptacle comp-rising a hollow base member, a bowl shaped section supported on and welded to Said base member and having its 'free edge turned outwardly to forln a Jlange, an upright annular band superposed on and soldered to said flange, a handle member attached to said 'band and adapted to be assembled with saidband before the latter is attached to the bowl, and a bezel section comprising a curved midportion terminatlng at itsV lower edge 1n an outward 2 ly projecting flange having a series of cut out portions to receive the narrow portion of Spoons, the inner edge of the latter flange being adapted to coincide with the inner edge of the upright band to which the bezel is soldered, the opposite upper free end or" the bezel comprising an inverted upright U-shaped collar projecting from the curved portion. In testimony whereof I affix m Signature. WILLIAM SP BLING.



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