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M 1", mm. B. B. GOLDSMITH SMOKER S PIPE Filed July 18 1921 /N VENTOR Patented .luly l, i924. -. SMOKERS PIPE. Application filed July 18, To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, BYRON B. GOLDSMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing in New York, county and State of New York, have invented a certain Improvement in Smokers Pipes, of which the following is a specification. The present invention has relation to means for collecting the tar like distillates from tobacco smoke as well as for absorbing the moisture which naturally gathers in a pipe and the improved structure can be made a separable device which can be readily inserted in the pipe so as to be easily replaceable when broken or clogged up by use; although the invention covers the device when made permanently fast to the pipe or made an integral part of the same. A very efiicient form of the invention consists in making the entire stem of the pipe channelled, and either using it in this form by itself or encasing it to give it strength and improve its appearance. The invention is also applicable to cigar and cigarette holders. Cartridges for this purpose have been commonly used in the past, being formed with one or more passages with the general object of presenting as large a surface as possible in order to obtain a maximum of condensation. Some of these devices have been made with exterior passages and some with interior passages and those in the latter class have often been made of fibrous material or metal and sometimes, when made of other rigid material, these have been made in more than one piece where more than one passage is used. It is obviously desirable that cartridges of this kind, particularly when intended to be replaced from time to time, should cost as little to manufacture as possible and it is one of the advantages of my present invention that it supplies an efficient cartridge at a very low cost. Cartridges of this kind have been made in the past with a single aperture but it is obvious that if this aperture is made large enough to permit easy drawing, only a small proportion of the smoke will come in contact with the wall or surface of the passage and the process of condensation will not be efficiently carried on. It is, therefore, one of the principal characteristics of my improvement that a large number of passages of relatively small diameter are provided side by side so that their aggregate area will be sufficient to p rm t may drawing While t th s m time 1921. Serial No. 485,604. practically all of the smoke comes in contact with the walls, and efficient condensation is produced. 1 I take a plastic substance, preferably formed of clay mixed with suitable compounding materials, and press it through suitable dies of a well known character provided with multiple cores for producing the parallel passages. The long continuous multitubular pipe or tube thus produced is dried and preferably burnt as is common in terra cotta manufacture. It is cut up into proper lengths, either before or after burning. Instead of clay, other plastic substances can be used which are appropriate to formation by the above mentioned or other practical commercial processes. The passages can, of course, be of any shape desired and should be of a diameter as small as possible so as to bring the walls of the openings ,close together, thus permitting efficient contact with the smoke. When constructed of clay or similar material, it is a great advantage of my inven tion that when the cartridge has become saturated with moisture and tar or other distillates from the tobacco, it can be subjected to a furnace heat so as to drive off the moisture and tar, when it can be used over and over again. It is obvious that where made of clay, the burning or baking process is not absolutely essential, although it is preferred because it increasesthe tensile strength of the device. I have shown my invention in certain preferred forms in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figures 1 and 2 are perspective views of two modifications, Figures 3 and i are end views of these modifications respectively, Figure 5 is a side elevation of a pipe fitted with my cartridge, the two parts of the pipe being separated, and Figure 6 shows a further modification. In Figures 1 and 3 is shown at 10 a cartridge of the character above described pro vided with openings 11 which are made long in one direction and extremely narrow in the opposite direction. In Figures 2 and f is shown a cartridge 12 supplied with numerous passages 13 of circular cross section. In Figure 5 the bowl of a pipe is shown at 14c and a cartridge (for instance 10) is shown inserted with a tight fit into the for ward end of the stem 15. Where a pipe is constructed in this man- Walls of the openings and the cleaning of the pipe is thus greatly facilitated by removal and replacement of the cartridge. In Figure 6 is shown a form of the invention in which the complete stem 16 is pro vided with small passages extending from end to end. This stem may be inserted in the bowl 17 at 18. It is preferably made of plastic material Which may be clay or other material adapted to resist high temperatures. A casing or coating may be supplied to this stem to strengthen it and improve its appearance. Of course, the passages may have various forms and may be distributed according to the judgment of the manufacturer, and the mode of inserting or otherwise applying the same to a pipe or cigar or cigarette holder may be greatly varied without departing from the invention. lVhat I claim is A pipe having a stem made of refractory and porous material containing a plurality of small passages extending from end to end thereof. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand on this 14th day of July, 1921. BYRON B. GOLDSMITH.



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