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May Z7, 1924. M. 'HOPPONEN FOLDING SHOWER CABINET Filed Aug. 9'. 2 shams-sneer 1 INVENTOR L' Mappa/zen ATTORNZ. a w We May 27 1924. M. HOF'FONEN F'OLDING1 SHOWER CABINET 2 Sheena-Sheet 3 Filed Aug. 9, 1925 INVENTOR. M2222' @www ATTORNEY yready for use. Patented May 27, 1924. estrae stares sarees Application iled August 9, 1923. Serial No. 656,618. To all whom t may concern." i Be it knownthat I, hL-vr'rr HoProNEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Detroit, county of Wayne, State of Michigan, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Folding Shower Cabinets; and declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same, referencel being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification. This invention relates to folding shower cabinets and the object of the invention is to provide a cabinet adapted to prevent the water from a shower from splashing on thefloor. Another object of the invention isv to provide a shower cabinet adapted to be secured in position overa bath tub to cause the water from the shower to falllintolthe bath tub. A further object ofthe invention `is to provide -a folding shower cabinet which is adapted to be secured to a wall and is adapted to be folded up out of the way against the wall 'when not in use. A further object of the invention is to provide a folding shower cabinet provided with a catch the parts being so arranged that when the catch is disengaged the cabinet will extend to position for use. Another object of the invention is to provide a-folding shower cabinet including a shower which'may be readily connected to the faucet of a bath tub. These objects and the several novel features of the invention are hereinafter more fully described and claimed and the preferred form of'construction by which these objects are attained vis shown in the accompanying drawings in fwhich- -i Fig. 3 illustrates the manner 1n which the 'cabinet is folded. f Fig. 4 is a horizontal section through-the cabinet in position for use. I; Fig. '5 is afperspective view of the cabinet As shown in Figs. 1 and 4 the cabinet comprises amolding'l which forms' a three sided frame as shownin'Fig. 1,' and a panel 2 is positioned in this frame having flanges 3' on threesides thereof and an outwardly extending curved flange v4 across the bottom. This 16 as vshown in Fig. 5. panel is spaced from the wall by the .moldingl and provides a chamber 5 betweenthe panel 2 and the wall.. The panel'j 2 -as shown in Fig. 2 is shaped toreceiveavalve 6 to which the pipelines 7 and 8 are attached, the flow through the pipe lines being controlled by a handle 9 for opening-or closing the valve. As shown in Figs. 3 and 4 the 'pipe line 7 extends through the chamber an'd out through-the molding 1 providing an end 10 adapted for the attachment of aV rubber tubing 1-1'whic`h' in turn is attached to the faucet Vof the bath tub as shown inFig.-5. entes MATTI HOPPONEN, OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN. The pipe line 8 extends upwardly through the chamber 5 and through the flange 1 at theupper end of the panel 2 and terminates in a'spray head 12. The cabinet proper comprises four sides 2, 13,1 14 and 15;.These sides are preferably made of sheet metal and enameled so as to preventvrust and are paneled by offsetting the rectangular portions The portion '13 .is hinged to the portion 2 by meansfof the spring hinges 17 and these hinges tend-to swing the member 13 outwardly untilv it strikes the flange 3 which limits movement thereof. The portion -14 is attached tothe portion 13 by spring hingesy l18 which tend to swing the member (14 to vthe position shown in Fig. 4, the portion 13 being provided with anextending end 19 which forms a stop for the member 14.` The member'l is hinged to the member 2 byy means of spring hinges 2O which 'tend to' swing the member 15 outwardly until it strikes the stop formed by the flange 3 of the portion 2. As shownin Fig. 4 the edges of the members 14 and 15opposite the hingesoverlap and the member 15 is provided with a bead 21 over whichthe spring catch `22 on the porbeing provided with a'knob 23 for closing the cabinet. For the purpose of villustra-tion Ihaveshown a spring catch y22 but any suitpassing between the tub and wall and the. cabinet kdirects the water into the tub yand prevents its being splashed onto the floor. The valve 6 is adapted for turnin vthe water off or on and the temperature of t e water is .tion 14 is adapted to engage, the portion 14 p controlled by the faucet 24 in the tub shown in Fig. 5 to which the tube lll-is connected. Faucets offthis type have ahot and cold water inlet and a common outlet to which the tube 11 is attached so, that the temperature of the Water may be controlled by varying` the opening or closing of the-hot and cold water valves in the faucet. To fold the cabinet the catch 22 isvreleased by pushing outwardly on the knob Q3 at which time ythe `portion il may be folded inwardly against the tension of the spring hinges '2O as shownii-nlF ig. 3 and the portion 11i may -be'turned on-the hinges 18from the position shown in Fig. ttothat shown in Fig. B at wvhichtime the portion 13 is turned on the hingesl'thus folding: the three portions 13, 14:` .and 15 -within the flange V3 of the portion and the: spring catch A2Q' is provided with a portion-25 Vwhich engages over a bead 26 provided 'on' the flange Sliand thus holds the parts 13, 14 `,and 15 in 'foldedpositioin the knob 23`v being on the outside Aat this time. Tonopen thecabinet it is only ynecessary to `pull .-outwarc'lly-/on the'lrnob 23 until kthe catch portion 2,5 is released at which time the spring hinges-will swing the portions 13, 1st vand 15 outwardly toithe position :shown in Fig; tandftheuseivmaystep within-the cabinet -and by means ofthe knob 23 may eny gage the'catch-,QZ over the lbead 21. Q From'the foregoing `description it vbecomes evident that the device is `very simple and efficient in operation, will not easily get out of-order, iscomposed ofifewparts, may be easily attached toa bath tub-and provides a shower which may beused with a bathtub vand which at thesame timeconfines the-falling ywater to the tub. 'Having lthus fully described my invention, its utility and mode of operation, what vI claimlanddesire tosecure by LettersPatent -of the United States-is- 1. A folding shower cabinet comprising a stationary panel secured to a wall in spaced relation the-rewith, the stationary panel vbeing .providedwith outwardlyexvtending* flanges atthe vertical edges and top and a ycurved flange at .the bottoniadapted to ytover the edge of a bathitub; a panel .hinged to the stationary panel within each .vertical flange, kthe hinges being. provi-ded ,witlrsprings forturning the .panels .outwardly,.thelflanges forming a stop to :limit .turningofithe hingedipanelsby thesprings, one ofwthe hinged lpanels being provided with'la '.veiticalnflange yat-,vthe .ou-ter edge, a'gfourtli; panel hinged to'fthe hinged panel adjacent .theivertical flange, a spring 'for turning A:the fourth panel Jon .its hinge,l 'the vvertical fian'ge of the -lhingedipanel forming a :stop ffor the fourth. panel, #the ffourtlipanel .being -provided avith a spring catch. for engaging-the other hinged panel, the panels being foldable to a position v.within the flanges of the stationary panel, and the stationary panel ybeing provided with a lug over .vhiclrthe spring catch may engage to hold the panels in thev folded position. 2. A folding shower cabinet comprising a stationary panel secured to a wall in spaced `relation therewith, the stationary panel being provided with outwardly extending flanges eat the vertical edges and top and with a curved flange at the bottom adapted to fit over the edgefof a bath tub, a panel hinged to the stationary panel within each verticalfiange. the hingesbeing provided 4with springs for turning the panels outwardly, the Hanges forming a stop to limit Vmovement of the hinged panels beyond a panel, a spray head extending centrally over the cabinet thus formed, a means for connecting the spray head to avsource of water supply. 3. A folding shower cabinet comprising a stationary panel adapted to vbe secured to a wall in spacedlrelationtherewith, a panel Aconnected to eachv vertical edge -of the stationary `panel lby means of spring hinges tending to force the panels outwardly-at a right angle to the stationary panel, apanel hingedto one of the extending panels hy means `of spring hinges Atending to force it outwardly to form the fourth side of the cabinet` kmeans limiting movement of the panels bythe spring hinges, aspray head extending centrally over the open cabinet land means for connecting the sprayhead to a source of water supply. 4. A folding shower cabinet comprising" aff-stationary panel adapted to be secured to a wall in spaced arelation therewith, the :stationary panel 'being provided with a curved flangeat the lower Iedge adapted to fit over the edge of a bath tub` a `panel hinged to `each vertical 'edgeof the stationary panel and adapted to extend koutwardlj/ at right angle `to the stationary panel, a panel hinged tol one of the extending panels and provided with aspring Catch for engaging the other extending panel, the hinged panels being lfoldable against the stationary panel, a spray head evtendingI centrally over the open'cabinet, and means for connecting the spray head to a source of water supply. 5. A 'folding shower Lcabinet comprising a four sided folding cabinet, one of thesides beingastati-onarily supported on la wall in spaced relation therewith, the stationary side heingiprovifded 'With'a-curvedfflange Uil Sti llO at the bottom adapted to extendovei' the edge of: n bath tub, a pipe line extending through the space between the stationary side and the Wall, the npper end of the pipe line extending centrally over the cabinet when inthe open position, a Spray head on the nppei` end of the pipe line and a tub. In testimony whereof, I Sign this speci-f feation. MATTI HoPPoNEN.



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