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W. R. BULL FLASH HIDER Filed Oct. 51 1922 INVENTOR Wziilz'am.ull BY MZ %M A TTORNE V Patented Mar. 18, 1924.. mm a. BULL, or srmnennm, mssacno'smrs. RIDER. Application filed ottome1, 1922. Serial nu. seasons. 7 To all whom it may concern: Be i known that I, WILLIAM R. BULL, a citizen-of the United States, and a resident of Sprin eld, county of Hampden, and 6 State of :1 achusetts, have invented an Improvement in Flash Hiders, of which the following is a specification. The subject of this invention is a flash hider designed to hide the flash of explosion either in a. gun or explosive engines especial- 1 ,engines without mufilers or with any other evice with which a flash hider of such character may be useful. It is highly desirable, especially in gun fire that the flash of the explosion should be hidden or absorbed and that this should, take lace without undul diminishing the effective force of the ex osion. The resent invention as been devised to accomp ish these objects by providing passages for the escaping gases and means for absorbing and radiating the heat of such gases. With these and other objects in view, my 26 invention resides in the novel arrangement and combination of parts and'in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention 80 herein disclosed may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention. A practical embodiment of my invention designed for use with a. machine 86 lnstrated in the accompanying wherein: Fig. 1 is a view in elevation of a flash hider constructed in accordance with the invention; same; Fig. 3 is a cross section on the line 33 of Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 1s a view in elevation of the inner to tube. Referring to the drawings by numerals of reference: In carrying out my invention I provide an .inner tube 1 tapering toward each end so and provided with rows of apertures 2 extending. longitudinally thereof. The rear end of this tube is arranged for attachment to the discharge orifice or component parts gun, is ilrawlngs, Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectionof the, of the flash hider, for example at 3 to be attached to the jacket of a machine or other device, and the opening in t 's instance is of sufiicient diameter to admit the muzzle of a gun barrel. The reduction of the end provides an annular shoulder 4 which serves to clamp the surrounding assembly or casing in place. The surrounding assembly consists, as an example, of an outer casing 5 which has a head 6 provided with an aperture of sufficient diameter to receive a reduced threaded end of the inner tube and to this head may be secured as by rivets 7 an annular plate 8. The rivets 7 also serve to bind the rear flanged end of an inner casing 9 to the head and the forward end of this casing is olfset outwardly and secured by rivets 10 to the casin 5.- The outer casing 5 is rovided wit rows'of longitudinally exten 'ng apertures 11 and the inner casing is provided with similarly arranged apertures 12, the apertures of the two casings being arranged in staggered relations. 7 Between the outer and inner casing I place a medium, herein shown as an example a coil of untempered iron wire 13, though any other medium for this purpose maty be employed. n attachin this device to a machine gun, the muzzle gland is emoved and the inner tube threaded into place in the gun jacket thereby drawing the casing firmly into place against the end of the gun jacket. When the gun is fired the escaping gases pass through the apertures in the inner tube and in the inner casing losing some of their heat thereby and come in contact with the coil of wire which absorbs and radiates further heat from the ses thereb cooling them below the flashin point. he gases then escape through t e apertures in the outer tube. I claim: 1. A flash hider, embodying a tubular member tapering toward each end and ro vided with rows of apertures, one en of said member embodying means attachable to a discharge orifice or other component arts of the flash hider, a casing surroundmg the tubular member, comprising an outer casing provided with rows of apertures and an inner casing secured to the m stareai wifsh mfiatiam w @mh @thm an a medmm interpmsfl befiaweem the em n 1 %?A i hifiexr, @mbnd m fiubulm member tapered; wwardl mach 11d and mvided with ertum a casing um g fihe Wbulflr menflaer and Q19 therefrom, w saw casing provided with apertures aamfl & melimm eamdasdl by fifim 7 m m? was 3. A. flash Finder wining, a. tubular member mmmdi :mwzmi each and attachable to a. disc' ange nrifica for confinin esca ing '1 and directing the same an m me ium carried on ma member and in the path of the wapimg gases



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