Fixture-hanging device



Feb. 19, 1924. G. R. AINSWORTH FIXTURE HANGING DEVICE Filed Jan. 2, 1922 E ntantexi Feb. i9, 192%". unn'w STATES (1%? sense, PAT R. AINSW'GHTE, 02: all FIXTU lillii-HAQ-ZfiIN-Zi? IF?) Applieeilun filed January me finial. wimm i; if l Uiuecl. melee we 1 Unity of Na au me Kerk hnve invented a certain in Imprew unit in Fi My inventinn has fer its object to g lighting fixtures in the following Ways by simplify the {EI'BSBHt means 075 hanging the elimination 0f the present fixture stud v or central rotating supporting element. ill the consequent eneumhrenitre to the showing away of the spliced wires; second, by the omission 0f the usual hiekey 0i: fixture stud, extension piece French heok, 21ml the strap with eeusenuenh skilled labor in adjusting same; thin. by the pre'vision 0i psi of site-ailment Wliii'jl'i will, under all cireun stances, draw the hrz'icket he she Willi regal-(L less if inequalities in the wall surface anal held if, rigidly in n vei'tieni position. l lunging devices of i l is elnuueter new in general use are attached to a, threaded fixture stud. secured in ihe outlet box and the hole in the Wall is generally finished off with an outlet hex cover. At the present time, the size cf the hale in the never must be large enough so that one or more circuits of. s )liced Wires eun fely be peeked. thmugh the opening i 11 the fixture is being hung in spite of ie eneumhrunee (if the fixture stud and hen Also the size of the fixture l'mek plat/e mustbe sullieiently large to hide the opening in the COVGL The lighting lix lure is attached in the fiym're stud h the interpesition of e fixture heel; known m the trade as s, Fi eneh fixture hes'ih or similar device and the fitting an! my ndjus ment of the i e to the the wall is always deyemli. matting 01" i yids lzhe hiclmys s nip these skilled. ille heri the heck Whei'e s stud h uched to face 0' he fixture seeumii as J 131 il, in my i sixty 0f hex eev parting omitted n hen ee'vexbeen time fer the W plate pro sle is cut in p .i Well. These screws prejee mg fr drew the fixiz'ue Without the in" nienis or any 6* ereiiens. It will he e1 in the art that this llliblm adapteil. to heih kneh and tube wining with N eu'i; outlet bexes and t0 armoured eend'uit Wiring with entlet. hexes and that. a. eensiih el'able sawing e'l vw tl like eliminating of fittings and sense 12 My means if weer 91} ebieeis rum; having reference in ings which are herei lit-e a part of this specimen? in Fig. 1 is & seetien 0n lin i 95 showing a cast bracket 3 1 device on an eutleii hex. Fig. 2 is a {Erect-eleven ing plate adapted t0 eiufiiei: zeiaee. 1g, 3 is a seeitien shewing melzal. 1G0 bracket hack hung by my Elev en hush and tube wiring system without outlet; hex" Fig. 4 is a iiresi; elevntien of etwo winged nut termed a birdie Fig. 5 is a section an the line 5 5 of my 1 supporting piste adapted in knob and tube Wiring sysmms. Fig. l} is a direct elevatinn of the sup porting plate miapiecl in kneh and tube wiring; systems. Similar reference nnmerslis raise to aimi lei parts througneuithe entire description. As shown in the lllla w sists of a su )riing p'-' ured to the wall or in. Of serews i} whirh pas formed in Zhe plaie. vided with two opnnsiielw' means opennws hi1; plate is rlinpvseil por iens or extensions 5 ainl 6. These portions or exiensions are inclined from the perpeniliew la an bhown clearly in Figs. 1., 25 anrl "he angle f the inclimuiun is the same with garil lo the plate for both pnrtions f3 and 6, but they are not in the same plane although parallel to each other. In this plate l have also provided sluts 5104 fur ennvenienre in fitting ii i a junction hon. In the-SC- pnriiuna 0: exi'ensi ura formed slots 2' and i at the end 215, the shape of a key-hole s the slui '6, but it is of these sluts SllOlllk the lame-in. Thai is; to u The width at the point 9 is gr ater than rile width 1 l the point 10 in lhis slo? and ii are. ne npenfl he in the l d 5 case with as Fable that lhe walls man he [up in The fixture huzvn in Fig. and iniliraie l by reference numeral ll is prowl-ell with a central tlireauerl tab. 1: line-l1 is he termed this piece, 1: each of nperal one down lirinl against the wall. the taper in the slots T ainl a serving to prevent llOX'li-cnnlal HHHHHQIH mi the machine screws 18 he lixi are is n t light against the wall, or if lhrre are an inequalities on the wall surface, ii is nnl necessary to give the Screws lb ainl ll) a sullicient turn to adjust their length aiul to \ll'ZlW the canopy 20 against the wall 2 regardless of its inw n: lilies. Although I have lrf-1rrilw l the device in cnnnertinn with a hirilief' it will be a J parent llnu in hanging a lutarlcet hark 23 the t-'(I'r\\:; 18 niul in may be mounted directly in the lu'arln-l itself when that is desirable by ueing a thicker casting or hy mounting a pair of tapped lugs L4 and 25 on a back plate 23. It will he apparent to persons Skilled in the art that l have entirely obviated the necessity of intermediate fittings or rentral stall The ()lHlSSlUl of these fittings also make ii pnsnlile to very materially reduce the Rim of {he wall openiiu with (onsequonl reduction in the size of the fixture wall plate llaYing described my invention hat I regard as new and desire to secure by Let tern Patent is: in a fixture hanging rlevire the rmnbina- Civil will: a fixture to he supported of an :llJilllll'Pkl plate having a plurality ofextension sluts in Sillll extensimn Hillll sluts being i snhsiantial alineinent. saiil extensions la-ing inrlineil at an angle in the plan:- an l parallel in each other. llllll a lltllh' pl: pi' -nirleil with lnzulerl screws in register wiln their respiwlivv slots, the lIU'ZHlH of said screws engaging the inner wall of said erv lensinm :nljureni 1h: i its. l1: lestinion v whereof, I have signed the i'luegning spec 'ieafinn. GEORG l R. .UNSWl )RTH.



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