Triple circular-flow coagulant sedimentation water treatment apparatus



The utility model discloses a triple circular-flow coagulant sedimentation water treatment apparatus, which belongs to an environmental protection apparatus. The utility model is composed of a casing, the inner pipe of a reaction pond, the outer pipe of the reaction pong, a mud water return pipe, a separated pipe, a flow division board, a partition board, a sewage inlet pipe, an air inlet pipe, a sludge discharging pipe, an emptying valve, a clear water outlet pipe, an inclined pipe for setting and separating, a medicine adding pipe, etc. The utility model has the important points that the utility model is provided with a triple circular-flow acceleration reaction unit, the mud and water separation unit and a filtration unit, wherein, the mud and water separation unit is composed of a mud water flow division board and the stuffing of the inclined pipe; the filtration unit is composed of quartz sand or quartz pipes. The utility model achieves the integration of strengthening reaction, sludge return, mud water separation, filtration and purification. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, small energy consumption and small size.
本实用新型是三重环流混疑沉淀水处理设备,属 环保设备。它由外壳、反应池内、外管、泥水回流管、 分离管、分流板、隔板、污水进水管、进气管、污泥排出 管、排空阀、清水出水管、沉降分离斜管、加药管等共 同构成。其关键是同时设置有三重环流的加速混凝 反应单元、泥水分流板和斜管填料构成的泥水分离单 元、石英砂或石英管构成的过滤单元。本设备实现了 强化反应、污泥回流、泥水分离及过滤净化一体化,效 率高、能耗低、体积小的目的。




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