Novel electric iron



The utility model discloses a novel electric iron comprising a water container, a heating layer, a jet net and a filter screen layer, wherein a water outlet and a water inlet are arranged at the lower part of the water container; the heating layer is arranged below the water outlet of the water container; the jet net is clung to the heating layer; the filter screen layer is arranged between the water container and the heating layer and provided with a filter screen; the filter screen is arranged at and adaptive to the water outlet of the water container; and flow flowing out from the water outlet of the water container is filtered by the filter screen and then jetted from the jet net through the heating layer. Due to adopting a reverse osmosis membrane for filtering calcium and magnesium ions in water, the electric iron can prevent spotted scale from blocking the electric iron, prolong the service life and greatly reduce bacteria growth, thus being safe and hygienic; and due to adopting the drawing-out filter screen layer, the electric iron is convenient to use, small in occupied space, low in cost and easy to popularize, and the normal use and the attractiveness of the electric iron are not influenced.




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