• Inventors: YUAN HONGJIAN
  • Assignees: 袁鸿坚
  • Publication Date: May 11, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201826145-U


The utility model relates to a washing appliance, comprising a washtub body and a washing board, wherein the washtub body is in a long type, the washing board is arranged at the rear part of the middle of the washtub body along the length direction, two sides and the front end of the washing board are connected with the bottom of the washtub body through a connecting wall in an integrated way, the rear end of the washing board is connected with the rear wall of the washtub body in an integrated way, a soapbox is arranged at the rear part of the washing board, and the bottom of the soapbox is provided with bulges. By adopting the technical scheme, the washtub can be directly used for washing clothes without arranging the washing board and the soapbox additionally, and the washtub is simple in structure, and practical and convenient.




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