Cleaning machine for containers



The utility model discloses a cleaning machine for containers, which is applicable to the technical field of container cleaning equipment. The cleaning machine comprises at least one box, a holding disc is arranged in the box, trays used for supporting the containers are fixed on the holding disc, the holding disc is grid-shaped, the trays are arrayed on the holding disc in a matrix manner and located at intersection points of a grid of the grid-shaped holding disc, a water spray nozzle capable of washing the containers penetrates in the center of each tray, each water spray nozzle is fixedly connected with a water inlet pipe and a high-pressure pulse pump and is higher than the bottom of each tray, a cover plate is disposed at the upper end of the box, a clearance is formed between the cover plate and the container on each tray, the box is further provided with a water outlet pipe, a discharge device and a discharge outlet, and a grid-shaped guide plate is fixedly disposed below the holding disc, is obliquely arranged below the holding disc and faces to the discharge outlet. The cleaning machine for containers is simple and reliable in structure, clean in washing, fine in washing effect, high in washing efficiency and low in washing cost, and labor and materials are saved.




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