Exhaust pipe breaking mechanism of automatic filament finishing machine of spiral energy-saving lamp tube



The utility model relates to an exhaust pipe breaking mechanism of an automatic filament finishing machine of a spiral energy-saving lamp tube, and aims to solve the technical problem of providing a mechanism which has the characteristics of accurate position cutting, high production efficiency and high automation degree. The exhaust pipe breaking mechanism adopts the technical scheme that the exhaust pipe breaking mechanism is arranged on a frame of the automatic filament finishing machine and positioned on the upper side of a fixture carried by a conveying chain, and is characterized in that the exhaust pipe breaking mechanism comprises a file which is driven by a horizontal moving cylinder and acts on an exhaust pipe, and a pushing-breaking plate conducting horizontal motion under the drive of a pushing plate cylinder, wherein, the file is a triangular file; the mechanism is further equipped with a lamp tube position limit cylinder; a positioning plate used for pushing up and pressing the semi-spiral energy-saving lamp tube is mounted at the top end of a horizontally extending cylinder rod; and two V-shaped blocks suitable for a spiral surface of the lamp tube are mounted on the positioning plate.




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