Low-voltage warm-keeping cushion


  • Inventors: ZHAO YAN
  • Assignees: 赵延
  • Publication Date: May 04, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201814204-U


The utility model provides a low-voltage warm cushion which comprises a cushion surface layer and a cushion bottom layer, wherein the cushion surface layer and the cushion bottom layer are combined and then form an interlayer; a flexible filler and a heating device are arranged in the interlayer; and the heating device is connected with a universal series bus (USB) power supply or a vehicular power supply by a wire extending out the interlayer. The heating device which is supplied with power by using low-voltage power supplies such as the USB power supply and the vehicular power supply is arranged in the interlayer of the cushion; no potential safety hazards exist when a human body is in contact with the cushion for warming; and a zipper is arranged on the side or the bottom surface of the cushion, thereby conveniently placing in or taking out a heating body. The low-voltage warm cushion is convenient to use and good in safety.




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