Umbrella capable of preventing dripping


  • Inventors: SUN ZHICHENG
  • Assignees: 孙志成
  • Publication Date: May 04, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201813997-U


The utility model relates to an umbrella capable of preventing dripping, which is mainly used for solving the problem of water dripping after the existing umbrella is folded. The umbrella comprises an umbrella surface, a framework, an umbrella pole and a handle, wherein a pressing head is arranged at the top end of the umbrella pole, and is positioned above the umbrella surface. The umbrella is characterized in that a connecting ring is sheathed on the pressing head, and the pressing head is provided with a limiting boss above the connecting ring; the left side of the connecting ring is connected with a hanging ring through a flexible connecting belt; the inner diameter of the hanging ring is larger than the outer diameter of the pressing head; the bottom end of a gland is inserted in the hanging ring; the bottom surface of the gland is provided with a blind hole and is buckled on the pressing head through the blind hole; a sucker is arranged on the top surface of the gland; the right side of the hanging ring is hinged with the gland through a pin shaft; and a water receiving box with an upward opening is arranged at the position of the handle. Rainwater can be automatically collected after the umbrella is folded, so that the rainwater can not drip onto the ground or into a vehicle, and the umbrella can adapt to being hung and placed in various environments.




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