Parking charger for electric bicycle


  • Inventors: LIANG XIAOJUN
  • Assignees: 梁晓军
  • Publication Date: April 27, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201813177-U


A parking charger for an electric bicycle comprises two parts, namely a parking charger arranged on the ground and a parking charger arranged on the electric bicycle, wherein the parking charger arranged on the ground adopts the structure that a horizontal supporting plate with a lock hole extends forwards out of a parking charge working platform, and a positive and a negative output electrodes which are mutually insulated and can elastically move are respectively arranged on the side surface of the working platform, namely on two sides of a root of the horizontal supporting plate. The parking charger arranged on the electric bicycle comprises a horizontal pressing plate extending out of a front fork root of the electric bicycle, a positive and a negative input electrodes, which are mutually insulated, and a connecting lead are respectively arranged on two sides of the horizontal pressing plate, and the horizontal pressing plate is correspondingly connected with a battery anode and a battery cathode through a charging switch. When the parking charger is in use, the input electrodes are in corresponding contact with the positive and the negative output electrodes on the ground working platform, a rectangular cross beam is arranged at the lower back part of the horizontal pressing plate; a strip-shaped hole is formed between the rectangular cross beam and the horizontal pressing plate; the horizontal supporting plate extending forwards out of the ground working platform is inserted into the strip-shaped hole; a lock tongue, an electromagnet and a mechanical lock are arranged inside the rectangular cross beam; the lock tongue can be placed into the lock hole on the horizontal supporting plate; and a lead of the electromagnet is connected with a power switch of the electric bicycle. The two parking chargers are combined and controlled together with a charging and reading card to achieve the parking charge of the electric bicycle.




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