Mechanical water plugging pipe string without slips



The utility model provides a mechanical water plugging pipe string without slips, relates to a clamping and plugging technology for plugging water and increasing oil in oil well production, and corrects the deficiencies in the prior art. A release, a packer, a centralizer, a constant pressure ball seat, an oil pipe, a screen pipe and a screwed plug are connected with a delivery pipe string in sequence through pipe buckles. The water plugging pipe string can be used on oil wells of different specifications, such as 4'' casing deformation wells, 5'' casing deformation wells, 51/2'' casing deformation wells, 51/2'' casing deformation wells, and the like, is simple and easy for operation, has the advantages of short operation time, long effective time and self balance, and can bear large pressure difference; and besides, a seat seal of the packer is reliable, the depth of the seat seal is easy to control, and a pipe string of the seat seal is firmly sealed.
无卡瓦机械堵水管柱是一种油井生产中堵水增油的卡堵技术,它克服了其它技术存在的缺点,在投送管柱上由管扣顺序连接着丢手、封隔器、扶正器、定压球座、油管、筛管和丝堵;本实用新型可用于4”套、5”套、5 1/2”套及5 1/2”套变井等不同规格的油井,操作简单易行,作业时间短,有效时间长,封隔器座封可靠,座封深度易于控制,座封管柱密封牢固,自身平衡,承受压差大。




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