Transporting and storing device for radioactive source



The utility model relates to a transporting and storing device for radioactive source, which comprises a casing with a door hinged thereon, and a vertical shaft rod hinged on the left side of the door. The upper and lower ends of the vertical shaft rod are clamped onto corresponding locations on the external wall of the casing via clamping structures. The transporting and storing device is characterized in that multi-rows rows of rolling wheels are parallelly installed on the bottom inside the casing at intervals. A horizontal sliding plate is slidably inserted on the rolling wheels, having two side edges and an inner edge of the upper surface arranged under an anti-collision layer installed on the inner wall of the casing. The transporting and storing device is simple in structure. A sliding plate added in the casing, and a floating ball box, an one-piece lower margin and a secondary safety device added on the external of the casing greatly enhance the safety of the casing and guarantee the safety of radioactive substances.




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