Fiberglass composite wall-protective mesh



The utility model discloses a fiberglass composite wall-protective mesh, which is manufactured by plastic strips through weaving, and a fiberglass yarn is arranged in each plastic strip along the axis direction of the plastic strip. The fiberglass composite wall-protective mesh is characterized in that the mesh is formed by that steel wires in an existing steel-plastic composite wall-protective mesh are replaced by fiberglass yarns, and the properties of the fiberglass yarns and the steel wires show that: compared with the steel wires, the fiberglass yarns (the specification thereof is same as that of the steel wire) are easier to cut, thereby reducing the labor intensity for cutting, and when a plurality of fiberglass composite wall-protective meshes are bonded to be a fiberglass composite wall-protective mesh, compared with the welding between the steel wires, the bonding between the fiberglass yarns (the specification thereof is same as that of the steel wires) through hot melting is easier to be implemented, and the bonding is firm. Therefore, the fiberglass composite wall-protective mesh of the utility model is easy to cut and bond and is high in strength after bonding.




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