Maintenance trolley for winder



The utility model relates to a maintenance trolley for a winder. The maintenance trolley comprises a pair of vertical sleeves arranged on the front side and the rear side beside a trolley body, and longitudinal straight bars which are inserted into the vertical sleeves respectively, wherein the longitudinal straight bars are locked and positioned by passing through bolts beside the vertical sleeves; and arched forks used for supporting rollers are arranged on the longitudinal straight bars. When the trolley works, the trolley is regulated and locked after being pushed to the position for maintaining the rollers, and then is used for disassembling bolts for fixing the rollers and brackets to ensure that the rollers are slowly separated from a body and are taken out for maintenance and replacement. The maintenance trolley for the winder can be used for disassembling the rollers of different equipment and taking the rollers out for maintenance, is convenient and safe to operate in practice and has good effect.




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