Dust proof gauze mask


  • Inventors: ZHANG HONGSU
  • Assignees: 章红苏
  • Publication Date: April 13, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201789979-U


The utility model relates to a dust proof gauze mask, which is mainly suitable for workplaces, open-air places or other occasions with strong sand and dust. The dust proof gauze mask comprises a mask body, a nose clip and eat strips, wherein the nose clip and the eat strips are fixed on the mask body. The dust proof gauze mask is characterized in that a bulge is further formed in the middle of the mask body, the two ends of the bulge are sewed and fixed with the mask body, a prop-up part is formed between the bulge and the mask body, and the nose clip is positioned between the inner face and the outer face of the mask body. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable and simple structural design, better dust proof effect, simple and reasonable manufacturing technology, and more attractive outline, and is convenient and reliable to use and carry.




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