Anaerobe and pressure waste water treatment method and device


  • Inventors: BAORUI WANG
  • Assignees: 王宝瑞
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2006
  • Publication Number: CN-1769207-A


The invention discloses a method for wastewater pressure anaerobic biological treatment and the reactor device. When treating wastewater, the wastewater-particle sludge contact time is prolonged and the wastewater to particle sludge shearing strength is decreased, which makes wastewater be mixed with particle sludge completely and large amount of organics convert to methane. Using pressure produced in biological metabolism, the suspension solid is filtered out at grid filtering layer, which make the quality of water outlet approach to definite purity, and the water inlet volume load factor of the reactor being improved substantially. And the produced methane also has definite pressure, being pressure methane.




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