Efficient low-loss wastewater advanced treatment device


  • Inventors: CHEN HUANLONG
  • Assignees: 陈焕龙
  • Publication Date: July 04, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-102531219-A


The invention discloses an efficient low-loss wastewater advanced treatment device, which comprises a large tank body (2) and a small tank body (18), wherein a wire mesh (3) which is rectangularly distributed is arranged at the upper part of an inner cavity of the large tank body (2), an annular air injection device is arranged in the middle of the inner cavity of the large tank body (2), and an overflow device and a delivery mechanism are arranged at the lower part of the inner cavity of the large tank body (2), a vertical spiral conveyer which is vertically lifted is arranged in the small tank body (18), fiber activated carbon (28) is filled in the large tank body, the wire mesh is connected with a water outlet pipe (4), the annular air injection device comprises air distribution pipes (5) and air nozzles (7) which are downwards inclined, are connected with the air distribution pipes and are arranged at intervals in a staggering way, a wastewater inlet pipe (8) which is provided with an overflow nozzle (9) is arranged in the inner cavity of the large tank body, an air dispersion pipe (27) is arranged below the wire mesh, and a horizontal spiral conveyer and a sewage discharge pipe (14) are arranged at the bottom of the large tank body. Not only can the utilization rate of fiber activated carbon be greatly improved, but also the water treatment efficiency can be greatly improved.




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